Gender Pay Gap Report

6CATS UK Ltd is a fully compliant employer to contract and temporary workers undertaking assignments in the UK. An umbrella company enables contractors to undertake work through different recruitment agencies and be paid from one source.

As the employer to these workers 6CATS UK is required to publish the pay differential between Male and Female workers in-line with the Gender Pay Gap reporting guidelines. However, the nature of an umbrella company means that we have no influence over the type of work undertaken or the remuneration provided. We have employees working across many different sectors, in vastly different roles and for irregular periods of time. The data published here is as at the snapshot date and could vary significantly dependant on what contracts are live at any time.

In the payroll period including the snapshot date of 5th April 2018 6CATS UK had 360 relevant full-pay employees. Of these 163 identified as female and 197 as male (45% female vs 55% male).

Historically 6CATS UK Ltd has worked with agencies biased towards education and healthcare and 75% of our contractors are from these industries. Typical contract roles in this area are healthcare assistants, teaching staff and administration.

This is evident in the predominant hourly rate of £23 and 60% of our contractors earn £25 per hour or under. At this pay rate there is little difference in the rate paid to male vs female employees.

At the top end of the pay scale there is a male bias which skews the mean average to suggest a large pay differential between male and female. Of the top 10 hourly pay rates 7 are male, 3 of which are earning rates 5x the 6CATS average.

These high end assignments are not common for contractor work through an umbrella and form only a small % of our workers.

The nature of contract work means bonus payments are not relevant and as such we have not reported on performance related bonuses.

This statement confirms that the published information is accurate as at the time of publishing and is signed by Kirsty Henning, Finance Director.

Snapshot Data

Employees Percentage
Female 224 51%
Male 211 49%
Total 435 100%

Analysis Results

1. Mean Average
Average hourly pay for men is £31.16 vs £26.53 for women. Men on average are paid 15% more than women based on this calculation

Mean Median
Male 31.16 24.39
Female 26.53 23.00
15% 6%

2. Median Average
Average hourly pay for men is £24.93 vs £23 women. Men on average are paid 6% more than women based on this calculation

3. Difference in Bonus Payments
Due to the nature of employment bonuses are not applicable

4. Gender Pay by Quartile

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Female 52% 58% 53% 43%
Male 48% 42% 47% 57%