Risk Management

6CATSPRO has developed a robust Contractor Audit service, which is very popular with recruitment agencies wanting to understand the risk in their business.  We will assist your teams in carrying out a review of the compliance status of your contractor book.

The depth and analysis can be tailored to your preferences but will typically be based on a traffic light system and recommendation system which will allow you a snapshot view of your true risk position.

We can also deliver this service in collaboration with your internal compliance team, which serves as a great training opportunity.

The 6CATSPRO audit service helps equip your teams with best practice process documents, streamlining and upgrading your internal compliance activities so that risks are identified and flagged quickly and easily within your business.

6CATSPRO has developed an international 3rd party supplier review and audit process for recruitment businesses.  Nearly all recruitment businesses have a UK umbrella PSL with strict requirements for umbrellas to provide business and operational information.  We do not see this requirement so much when recruitment businesses place overseas contractors with 3rd party suppliers.  However, placing international contractors with 3rd parties and ensuring compliance is controlled is equally as important, and can carry much greater risks, if managed incorrectly.  Our supplier review process ensures you assess and select your international PSL with transparency and knowledge.  We have also developed international PSL questionnaires and document checklists to ensure you manage and minimise compliance exposure and risk related to CFA17

“I would highly recommend Jon and 6CATSPRO. I recently came to Jon needing a vetting service which needed an urgent turnaround to facilitate a placement. Within less than 24 hours, it was complete and he personally called the candidate to explain everything in detail. Thanks again Jon and 6CATSPRO.”

Andrew Lee, Head of Benelux, BI & Data Analytics, Investigo