6CATSPRO global presence enables us to support your business’ international expansion strategy, not by supporting the growth of your international footprint from the UK, but by supporting and assisting with incorporation of overseas entities.

6CATSPRO helps to develop and support your internal compliance strategy.  The introduction of the Criminal Finances Act of 2017 (CFA17) made many recruitment businesses reassess how they operate overseas.  Our CFA17 workshops help agencies decide on their compliance strategy and how they will manage communication within their business with clearly defined ‘top down’ instructions, resulting in a safer, more transparent reporting line and a compliant and, consequently more valuable business.

6CATSPRO strategy, training session and workshops are open to ALL levels of staff within recruitment businesses from Trainees to CEO’s and we regularly get feedback from more senior staff who perhaps participate in sessions out of curiosity that they have gained insights and knowledge, of critical areas, as a result.

6CATSPRO provides invaluable hands-on actual experience giving an insight into the  realities and pitfalls of working in specific markets. We offer ‘what we have learnt’ strategy sessions to recruitment agency boards, giving your business the advantage and knowledge without having to experience the same distractions or risks. This is of critical importance when considering new markets, geographies or when incorporating in another jurisdiction to fulfil a client requirements or business demand.

We can help you calculate the Risk vs Reward ratio and the commercial implications of a fully compliant engagement internationally

“As Finance Director of X4 Group I have found Jon to be a trusted adviser and partner to our company. His insight and commercial advice along with his knowledge of the international contractor scene is proving to be extremely beneficial to our team as we further our reach beyond the UK into Europe and beyond. He is both personable and professional, sees the bigger picture and helps drive forward action and progress in a supportive manner. In an area full of potential risk it is reassuring that we have partnered with a true expert who is so approachable and practical in their advice.”

Jonathan Richardson, Finance Director at X4 Group Limited