6CATSPRO delivers bespoke client-specific training and workshops to match the needs of your recruitment business, its personality and feel.

We recognise training is highly personal to recruitment businesses as it impacts employee behaviour, engagement and your brand.  As such, we always work closely with you to ensure your business culture is mirrored in the way we deliver our sessions and the tone of the content.

6CATSPRO specialises in specific development, training and ‘upskilling’ programmes for compliance and legal teams who might previously have been more UK focussed.  This allows your business to use 6CATSPRO to add International value and knowledge to existing resources, which is then retained within your business forever.

6CATSPRO training is flexible and can be delivered at your offices, remotely, or interactively.  All sessions are fully documented, and copies are always available through your client portal, for ongoing reference and refresher training purposes. Our sessions are typically delivered to groups of between 1-20 participants depending on the topic, complexity and time restrictions.  We will work with you to develop a training plan that avoids any unnecessary down time for Sales and Compliance teams

6CATSPRO training content is always topical and specific to the Recruitment sector, as this is the only industry sector we operate in, meaning only the most relevant concise and valuable information is shared and discussed

It was a pleasure working with 6CATSPRO on one of Marlin Green’s Compliance Projects. We received very clear and concise advice with regards to trading in new areas of interest. The training run by Jonathan has strengthened our processes and allowed us to be aware of any upcoming challenges. Jonathan’s presentation was bespoke and created to suit our needs in order to focus on maximizing our International Compliance. This has most definitely increased our awareness of operating in the international markets where we are based and, where compliance is a paramount factor. We look forward to working with you moving forward.”

Renata Batariere, Commercial Manager, Commercial Bid Management